Akhil Marriage with Venkatesh’s Daughter Are Rumours

Akkineni Akhil Marriage date

Akhil marriage news is talk of the town. Handsome Akhil marriage with Shriya Bhupal got canceled for unknown reasons. No one from Akhil or Shriya family gave clarification regarding the marriage cancel. Recently, few media channels and YouTube channels started new rumors.

The media channels reported Akhil and Venkatesh’s elder daughter are getting married. The funny thing is no media has named whom(Venkatesh has three daughters) he is going to get married.  These days don’t believe unless and until the news is confirmed or announced by the celebrities. Rumors are everywhere, but which one is going to be true no one knows. So, we kindly request you to read or listen to the stories and forget about it, and Please don’t spread it.


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