Akhil’s Hello Telugu Movie Review, Rating

Akhil's Hello Telugu Movie Review

Akhil’s Hello Telugu Movie Review

Starring : Akhil Akkineni, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Ramya Krishnan, Jagapati Babu
Director : Vikram Kumar
Producer : Akkineni Nagarjuna
Music Director : Anup Rubens
Cinematographer : P. S. Vinod
Editor : Prawin Pudi
Release date : December 22, 2017
LovelyTelugu.com Rating : 7.25/10


Seenu(Akhil) and Junnu (Kalyani Priyadarshan) comes from two different backgrounds. Seenu is an orphan child and becomes friends Junnu while eating pani puri. The entire story of the movie is based on destiny. Destiny decided to part them away. Junnu’s father get transfer to Delhi and Seenu was adopted by Jagapathi Babu and Ramya Krishna and changed Seenu name to Avinash. Rest of the story is how Destiny planned to meet Seenu and Junnu.

Plus Points:-

Akhil has proved himself as an actor with amazing performance. His acting was never off through the film. He impressed well in the action sequences and hard work can be seen in the film. Heroine Kalyani did a very good job to her role, much doubt if this is her debut.

Action sequences are appreciable and stunning in few scenes. Ramya Krishna and Jagapathi Babu did justification to their roles with emotional scenes and little laughter. The production values of the film are top class. Anup Rubens background score during the action sequence is top notch.

Minus Points:-

The biggest minus of the movie is will this kind of movies do well in Telugu Film Industry. In the past, we have seen different good slow paced movies did not do well at box-office and Telugu audiences could not take it. The film is slow in pace, but not boring. The love story is routine as in the past many movies has come out.

Director Vikram took more time to narrate backdrop of the film and the climax was dragged with an unnecessary 100 Rs note scene.

Technical Aspects:-

Producer Nagarjuna has spent heavy money on the film, we can clearly see on the screen. Director Vikram Kumar has done an awesome job for showing Akhil acting skills. We liked how the entire story is connected till the end and were never off till last.


Hello is a good routine movie with different screenplay and great production values. Akhil showcased his acting skills in an impressive way, good debut for Kalyani. No doubt movie will do well at A centers and multiplexes. Movie being full of emotions, heavy action and slow pace let us wait and see how Telugu audience receive the movie at box-office.

Lovely Telugu Rating : 7.25/10

Reviewed by Lovely Telugu Team


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