Anchor Ravi Shocking Comments on Anchor Lasya

Anchor Ravi Turns Hero for 'Idi Maa Prema Katha'

No one knows the relationship between Anchor Ravi and Lasya. Ravi and Lasya were on of the best on-screen couple anchors. Many thought they were in a relationship. Lasya decided to marry her soulmate Manjunath and decided to stop working with Ravi.

Ravi got married by the time Ravi and Lasya were doing shows. Ravi nor Lasya did not open the facts what was really in between them. When Lasya marriage got fixed, the Tom and Jerry fight started between them.

In recent time, Ravi did a live on his Facebook. On his fan asked about Lasya something like this, “What is your opinion on rumors about you regarding Lasya. Ravi replied strongly to the comment saying, ” Bro I don’t have time to react to those rumors, those rumors were done as a public stunt.”

Lasya immediately updated her Facebook status saying, “Nijalu chepthe Adhi publicity Kosam antunnaru ..!!! Ohhh God save them 😊.. ayina abadhalaku unna value ippudu nijalaku ledhu lendi .veellu maararu, em chestham ..!! And I don’t need any publicity..!! Iam very much happy vth my personal life ..!! Thanku My dear friends for always being vth me 😍😍..!!! Gud night 😴😴”


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