Big Boss Telugu 12 Celebrities List

Big Boss Telugu 12 Celebrities List

Big Boss Telugu 12 Celebrities List


NOTE: Big Boss Telugu 12 Celebrities List will be updated soon once it is official.

The series is unique because there’s absolutely no script and the director never utters the conventional word “cut.” The cameras – 60 of these, never stop rolling for the whole season!


Since the initiation of the first show promo, Bigg Boss Telugu has already created a massive buzz in the Telugu countries. The show promo has reached over 55million viewers i.e. almost 3/4th of the viewership universe, in just seven days of its run on the Star Maa network. On Digital, Bigg Boss Telugu promos were trending Nationwide on social networking platforms, with an enormous number of shares, reaching millions.
This series will have 12-star contestants together for 70 days, circled by 60 cameras and cut off from the outside world in 1 BIG home.


The series is bringing many firsts to the Telugu entertainment area. It’s by far the most expensive series to ever be created in Telugu television. It has among the largest places, with over 10000 square feet area and almost 750 people working on the job at any given point of time.

Star Maa team has already been on an intensive exercise to pick the ideal contestants and has fulfilled over 100 celebrities and seen a hugely positive response and willingness to participate. The channel will determine the perfect dozen to enter the home and maintain its promise of offering the best entertainment to its viewers.
Star Maa is a top Telugu TV channel network known for its vibrant, innovative, pleasant and interactive programming at the Telugu language market and enjoys a high growth trajectory, driven by overall entertainment and films.

All set to start on 16th July with a mega episode; the series seems to be a game changer for Telugu Television like NTR has stated.


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