Did you know these celebs love gambling?

Innumerable celebrities have been known to enjoy splurging money on tons of expensive hobbies, including gambling. Lots of known celebrities enjoy taking the roulette for a spin of pit their acting skills to the test with a round of poker.

A huge number of celebrities, both Indian and otherwise practice the art of gambling regularly, and some have even mastered it to the extent that they even use it as an alternate profession. Of course, not everyone is that good at the table, and end up losing a lot of money at the table. Sometimes this happens more in case of online gambling options, when people go for sites and casinos that aren’t authentic, and hence fall prey to scams. That is why reliable sites like 10cric shall always be most helpful. You might want to read 10cric review to know more.

Here are a few celebrities who love gambling.

Derren Brown

Brown was a known gambler before his days of fame, and he regularly visited several casinos across London. Sadly though, his hay-days of professional gambling didn’t last too long, reportedly because he was “too good”. Casino employees who have seen him in action say that Derren Brown only bets in very small amounts, and he never loses. These same people also closely remember the incident of him being banned from the Broadway Plaza Casino in Birmingham a couple of years, apparently because he was so good at blackjack!


Charlie Sheen

The troubled star of “Two and a Half Men” has had a well-known history of gambling since he was young. However, he did rake in about $1.8 million for every episode, and was probably well enough off to be spending at any number of extravagant casinos. His ex-wife Denise Richards claims that the man was in the habit of spending more than $20,000 every week on sports betting alone, and also incurred the most losses like that.


Ben Affleck

The Oscar winning directory, screen writer, and actor had to reportedly admit himself to rehab in 2001 because of his addiction to alcohol and gambling. However, he is a master at online poker and blackjack, and was also the champion of the California State Poker Championship in 2014. His favored fame at the table is blackjack, and he is reportedly so talented at winning hands that a Las Vegas Casino banned him from the game in 2014.

Tobey Maguire

The star of Spiderman is a professional poker player, and was faced with a lawsuit in 2011 for being part of an illegal gambling ring of a number of prominent faces and millions of dollars. He was taught gambling by Daniel Negreanu, who is a professional poker player from Canada and a six-time World Series of Poker champion. Maguire is said to be very skilled at Texas Hold’em Poker and has reportedly raked in more than $10 million playing the game. His history of alcoholism and gambling addiction go back to when he was a teenager, and he was also admitted to the AA rehab center at 19.


Matt Damon

The Jason Bourne series star is another very prominent face who has a known gambling addiction. He and his childhood friend Ben Affleck are regulars at casinos and are often seen playing Texas Hold’em Poker across luxurious Las Vegas hotels. He too was one of the faces caught in the Beverly Hills gambling ring scandal alongside Maguire.


50 Cent

Actor and rapper 50 Cent has a reputation for his unnatural antics. He reportedly placed a bet of $2 million on USA’s Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the latter’s historic clash with Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines. He also wagered $500,000 on the championship match between the New York Giants and the Dan Francisco 49ers. Of course, both occasions saw him bagging enormous amounts of money.


Victoria Coren-Mitchel

There are also several prominent female faces that are regularly seen among gambling circles. British writer and presenter Victoria Coren-Mitchel happens to be a poker pro, and also the first woman ever to win a European poker title, back in 2006. She is regularly seen attending a number of poker championships, and she won the main event of the European Poker Tour Sanremo in 2014. Her current winnings stand at more than $2.5 million!


Pamela Anderson

The Baywatch star and former fashion model has a known history of being addicted to casino slots and poker tables. Pamela Anderson is rumored to have married poker pro Rick Salomon just so he help her settle her massive $250,000 poker debt to a Las Vegas Casino.



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