“It is not suicide, write it as a suspicious death,” says Mohan Babu

Jayasudha husband death has been shocking to the film industry and all her fans. The news came out stating the main reason for suicide was due to the financial crisis.

Now, Mohan Babu has come out with a dramatic statement. He said to the press,” Nitin Kapoor died under suspicious circumstances, it is not suicide.” Mohan Babu also said the family doesn’t have any financial crisis. He questioned media “How can you write without knowing the real news.”?? He told to wait for the official news or report comes out until then write it as a suspicious death.

Jayasudha and Nitin met Mohan Babu before four days before Nitin died. Nitin said to Mohan Babu that He (Nitin) is going to produce a movie. Mohan Babu agreed to act in this film without taking remuneration.

So let us wait for the official news report on the death and let us not jump to conclusions.


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