It’s a Rebirth For Me: Anasuya

anasuya accident

Anasuya who met with an accident recently. She started describing on her Facebook live. The mishap in which she was escaped with slight harm, Anasuya said, “It is a rebirth for me.” She went onto describe how the injury happened and mentioned that airbags had saved lives. She said she was not wearing the seatbelt at the time of the injury; she removed it just for an hour in between to relax.
Anasuya has requested to wear seat belts while traveling. She also narrated how it occurred. The youth was drunk provoked and tried to corner Anasuya’s car from the side, and this resulted in her car hitting the divider. Anasuya decided not reveal the identity of the youth as their father requested Anasuya not reveal identity.

Anasuya also said that her car would be back to normal after one month.



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