Jayasudha Husband Dead, Commits Suicide

Jayasudha Husband dead

Famous actress Jayasudha husband Nitin Kapoor is reportedly dead in Mumbai committing suicide at his house.

The exact reasons behind suicide are yet to be known. Nitin Kapoor, aged 58 years is the brother of Bollywood actor Jitendra. Jayasudha and Nitin Kapoor got married in the year 1985 and is associated with the production of few films. The couple has two sons, Nihar and Shreyan. Jayasudha immediately went to Mumbai.

It is reported that he committed suicide at 2 O clock in the afternoon. It is said that there are no issues regarding family.  They are no health issues with Nithin Kapoor. The death of Jayasudha’s husband has become a mystery now.

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The main reason for death is yet to be known. Many doubts are rising due to the sudden death. It is very shocking to hear the news. Strength to Jayasudha garu during this terrible loss.

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