Kalyaan Dhev in Self-Quarantine after Lockdown

Kalyaan Dhev Super Machi movie created a buzz after becoming the first Telugu film to resume shooting post the lockdown.

Kalyaan shared his shooting experience, “It was bizarre given the many differences in processes and procedures now. However, we did shoot keeping in mind the social distance. Though it was difficult on the first day, we soon got used to it. All the technicians wore masks and shields, the crew had their hands constantly sanitised, and we followed all the guidelines,”
He decided to get into self-quarantine since he resumed shooting so as not to risk his family and kids. Sreeja, his wife supported him.

“I didn’t want to take a chance, so I discussed the issue with Sreeja, and after thoughtful consideration, we decided to go ahead with my self-quarantining. Sreeja was the one who planned and arranged for everything I’d need to stay on my own. I decided that while shooting, I would quarantine myself at home on the ground floor,” explains Kalyaan.
“I wash my clothes and do my chores, and I shall continue doing so for another 14 days. I interact with my kids and Sreeja, who live on the floors above, via FaceTalk and Skype.


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