Lovely Moments between Akhil and Samantha

It all the started with one Akhil tweet on 16 Mar 2017. He tweeted “Thank you so much to all my believers! Not my followers but my believers. For encouraging me and supporting no matter what. 1 million, wow!”

Later after one hour Samantha retweeted stating that

I am a believer

And after Samantha retweeting, Akhil tweeted Thank you vadhina🙏

Akhil and Samantha shared lovely moments on Twitter making fans super happy.

Akhil felt emotional and tweeted to all his believers during the good and tough times in his career. He explicitly mentioned Thank you so much to believers, not to his followers. He hasn’t tweeted anything regarding the rumors.

Akhil and Rana will be opening Rakul’s F45 Gym Launch in Vizag on 17th March.


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