Mahesh’s First Look Postponed To Ugadi, Fans Confused


The sad news for Super Star Mahesh Babu fans that the first look of the film was pushed to Ugadi. Mahesh fans are utterly disappointed due to the delay, as they were excepting the first look of the movie today evening, i.e., 10th March 2017. When looking into the main reason for the delay why the first look poster got postponed as the film crew being neck occupied with the on-going Hyderabad shoot. The crew has decided to postpone the first look poster date. It has been so many days since the movie shooting started. The another reason why everything is being postponed is this movie is a bl-lingual flick, everything must be taken twice both in Tamil and Telugu. Mahesh Babu fans are disappointed and super supportive for this news as they want the best from Mahesh Babu and team.


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