Malayalam Superstar Arrested in Bhavana case

In a shocking move, Malyalam superstar Dileep was arrested by the Kerala police on 10th July 2017(i.e., today). A new evidences were reportedly revealed in the actress Bhavana case. Actor Dileep at first was interrogated by the cops for 12 hours on the 28th of June and a further 4 hours on the 6th of July. Later police took him into custody. This incident is shocking everyone in the Malayalam industry.

Looking back actress Bhavana was abducted on the 17th of February by Pulsar Suni and gang who video taped their atrocities to blackmail her. However Bhavana took the bold step of coming out against her tormentors and has resulted in a VVIP being arrested. More details about the case and what led to the arrest will be out soon to the media.

She got engaged to Kannada producer Naveen on March 9th 2017.


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