Nagarjuna warns Samantha to stop…

Nagarjuna warns Samantha to stop...

We all know, Naga Chaitanya and Samantha relationships rumors have been a hot topic for the last three months. As per the source, we reported the couple might get married soon in the month of September. All these dramas started with Samantha’s hints; she once said her boyfriend belongs to a prominent family.

The hint she gave led to many consequences. The another rumor that did rounds was Nagarjuna not happy with Naga Chaitanya’s decision. Later, he accepted her. Samantha has not stopped about her marriage rumours buzz in social media. Nagarjuna was not happy with Samantha’s tweets and Hungama she has been doing for a couple of days.

Nagarjuna has seriously advised Samantha to stop all the drama she has been doing on Twitter. He requested Samantha to end all these Hungama; He asked private matters not to make public.


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