Namrata meets Sonali Bendre in New York, turns emotional

Namrata meets Sonali Bendre in New York

We report that actress Sonali Bendre is getting treated for her cancer in New York for the past couple of months. If we recall Sonali Bendre has close bond with Namrata and Mahesh They have been good friends from initial stages of their respective career.

Namrata is along with her family in New York for the shooting of the Mahesh’s new film. Namrata met Sonali Bendre in New York on 30th Oct 2018.

Namrata says, “She is a strong girl. She looks amazingly fit and ready to get back to normal life. I had such a lovely time with her. We discussed so many things. She told me the entire story of her illness and what gives her the strength, and I told her that she’s always in my prayers.”

She added, “Just like me, she’s so typically Maharashtrian in so many ways. We chatted about everything under the sun. We even laughed about some shared recollections of the past.”

Namrata also says that she hopes to meet Sonali again very soon. “My son Gautam and I were to meet Sonali, her son Ranvir, and husband Goldie. But unfortunately, my family and I are going to be out of New York for two days. However, Sonali and I have promised each other a walk in Central Park, and we will do that soon.”


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