Pavani Reddy reveals about her Husband Pradeep Suicide

pavani reddy

TV Celebrity Pradeep was found hanging at his residence on Wednesday 3rd May 2017.

Pradeep’s Wife Pavani revealed last night what occurred. On Tuesday night, Birthday her Brother Pavani was observed, and Pradeep got intoxicated at that point. Then, A fight happened regarding an issue between Pavani and Pradeep.

Pavani said, ‘I don’t see it as a clash. It’s just a misunderstanding. Even My Elder Brother was in the house at that time. After the argument, I went to the bathroom saying, ‘You don’t like Me!’, Locked the door from inside and kept crying. I didn’t step out even after he knocked the door. Then, He broke the glass with his hand out of anger, and that’s why there are blood stains. That’s when I came out and said, ‘I don’t want violence.’ After that, Pradeep went to the room and locked from inside. As he didn’t step out though he had shooting in the early morning, I knocked the door, but there is no response. So, We broke the door and found him hanging’.


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