Pavithra Puri Slams Rumours with Strong Reply, #Respect

Dashing Director Puri Jagganadh daughter has give a strong reply to the what so rumors out there in media. SHARE if you CARE

Read her message below:

…….hold ur tongue before writing an article abt someone….don’t blame others without knowing the truth. Just because my dad is a celebrity it doesn’t mean u can spread or believe in stupid rumours. He is family person and before showing ur finger at him, just think of his family n his reputation in industry.
I’m only talking abt those jobless people who keep taking shit. He is a person who keeps running behind his goals. Being a director┬áhis brain is his investment and future so, he will never spoil his career with these habits….. remember one think a celebrity is not a public personality…. MY DaD is NOT INVOLVED IN DRUGS….mind ur words.
Plzzz repost and support.
Don’t believe in wht ever the news channels are showing. Think before u speak out.
Thank u…..


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