Puri Jagannadh Clarifies about SIT Investigation, Extremely Disappointed With Media

Puri Jagannadh Clarifies about SIT Investigation

Puri Jagannadh did not speak to media after the SIR investigation. Puri has replied and cleared using his social media with a video. Puri Jagannadh has made it clear that he has nothing to do with the drug allegations. He is willing to help with police again if needed.

He says that he has high respect for the police department and has made many movies in the past highlighting them. He was disappointed the way media has showcased the issue. Media has ruined many lives, the director said with pain. Few media channels in which they showed the programs around the drug issue by adding spice without waiting out to confirm the news at all. Family members of Puri Jagannadh and also those who know them was disturbed and cried watching the news on TV channels. He said he respects journalism but what they have done was unacceptable and pathetic according to him and most of us.

Please know the facts before showing them or publishing them.


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