Ramyakrishna Shares Shocking Things About Her Marriage Life

There are rumors about their marriage that both aren’t on talking terms and they’re residing individually due to differences in their marriage life. The couple have a son while Krishna Vamsi lives in Hyderabad, and whereas Ramyakrishnan lives in Chennai. Their son stays with Ramya Krishna in Chennai. On the issue Krishna Vamsi, many times said as rumors and reports indicate it’s about their private life and nothing to do with any fights.

Ramyakrishna also shared the same. She said, “I am busy in my career doing serials, films and as an actress it is my job. And I stay in Chennai as I want to continue acting as long as I can. My husband understands my goals and aspirations which is a rarity these days. He gave me as much freedom as I desire and trusts my decisions. We’re not like those clingy couples or neither we’re off age to sing songs dancing around trees. We’re two matured human beings and if my husband asked me to stay back in Hyderabad that would have been a different issue altogether. We both keep in touch by talking on phone and sharing about our work. Whenever time permits we meet up in Chennai or Hyderabad. We plan vacations to spend as much time as possible in each other’s company as we get free time to spend very rarely.”


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