Ravi Teja Finally Speaks About His Brother Death

Ravi Teja has opened up about his brother’s death to media. He made clear to many reports that were making the false news. He made it clear why he did not attend the funeral. He said few reports were baseless and few media houses should think once before writing and reporting such incidents.

He also said that no one knows what kind of relationship he shares with his brother and why he did not come to his funeral. Ravi Teja humbly requested a few YouTube channels and websites not to spread fake news.

Ravi Teja added by saying that he was beside his parents who were in an inconsolable position and that is the reason he did not come to the funeral.

One media person from leading media house did not leave Ravi Teja. The media person questions were childish and immature which irritated Ravi Teja. Even though he mentioned few media houses, the media person said it is not fair to blame the entire media for someone else’s deeds. Ravi Teja left the place when the questions started more irritating.


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