Renu Desai surprised for Aadhya’s Birthday Gift Choices

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Renu Desai daughter Aadhya decision for  Aadhya  stunned Renu Desai. Renu posted a emotional and heart warming message for her followers.

She wrote:

My li’ll one turns 9 this Saturday.
I am so proud of her bday gift choices that I had to share it with you guys.
She wants a yoga mat and vegetable seeds as her bday gift (I still am in a mild shock)
Which 9yr old girl asks for seeds as a bday gift??? This child of mine is truly something unique and amazing. I just pray to the universe to make me raise her right and I hope she grows up into this kind, caring and compassionate adult, who cares for our environment and people.
She truly makes me a happy and a proud mother♥️
She also said NO to buying balloons for her bday party.⚫️
Would request all of you reading this post to stop using balloons for decoration as next day they just become another burden on our environment🙏🏼


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