Samantha Akkineni celebrates christmas with Orphan kids

Most of us are aware that Samantha runs and supports Prathyusha Organization for the needy. The actress has been doing many charity shows and helping the organization for very long time. Samantha has recently done heart melting move where she inspired many and touched many hearts. Samantha has become Santa for Christmas and took all the kids to shopping and bought them new clothes. She posted one of the pic with caption saying, ” i know I made someone truly happy today and that makes it a really really good Christmas Day . Played Santa for the day and all the kids got to pick new clothes for Christmas

. “She also posted one pic with heart touching caption. Charity isn’t about pity ,it is about love . And I saw a lot of love today . Desire is a society for children affected by HIV/AIDS . The children here and the people who run this establishment have inspired me more in one day than I have been this entire year .. God bless your wonderful and strong souls..Samantha became Santa to children affected by HIV/AIDS and bought them all new clothes for Christmas.


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