Samantha Reveals Shocking Facts To Fans

Cutest actress of Tollywood Samantha has chatted with her fans on the special occasion. She reached a milestone of 4 million followers on her Twitter. She started a Q and A with fans with hashtag #AskSam. She replied to few questions asked by fans. In the chat session, she gave few shocking answers to fans everyone went awestruck.

When one of the fans asked

How do you feel as your marriage with @chay_akkineni is just around the corner? Are you guys prepared?
She replied
In my head, I am married to him already, so I think everyone else is more excited than the both of us

What’s the most frequent discussion between Sam and Chay?
What do you want for dinner 😑

Do you check @chay_akkineni ‘s phone???
Haha of course not. That is like the worst habit guys and girls 🙏

Chay tho movie chesthara … After Marriage ??

Tell us something about Mahesh Babu which we don’t know about…. !!! N is he ur favorite actor??
That he’s the most entertaining company. I dare you not to laugh if he’s in the room.

Who’s your fav actress in recent times in TFI?
I like all of them. Rakul, Regina, Raashi, Lavanya. I like that they are friendly and sweet.

Few words about #RajuGariGadhi2 waiting for the movie.
A different role for me. Small but impactful

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