Sharwanand Shocking News About His Marriage

Sharwanand is one of the most eligible bachelors in Telugu Film Industry. Media eyes are on Prabhas marriage as his fans are curious to know about Prabhas marriage. When Sharwanand was asked about his marriage plans, he replied shocking news.

At first, he was asked whether his family is pressurizing him for getting married. He said “Yes. They keep on asking me about my marriage. I told them that don’t ask me about marriage for two years. Luckily there are several eligible bachelors in the industry. Whenever my family asks me about my wedding, I show these eligible bachelors in the industry. I tell them ‘Even Prabhas has not married’ don’t pressurize me”.

Sharwanand’s new movie Radha is all set to release on May 12th 2017. Radha features Sharwa and Lavanya Tripathi. The movie was directed by Chandra Mohan.


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