Shocking Facts about Abhinaya

Abhinaya got her first silver screen appearance in Shambo Shiva Shambo movie as Ravi Teja’s sister. She got an appreciation for her performance in the film. After the movie was shocked when everyone got to know that Abhinaya is deaf and dumb.

Many got amused that how did she enter into the film industry. It is all because of his father hard work and passion towards movies. Her father Aditya Varma trained her accordingly and made her a star.

Her father at first thought her daughter to enter her into modeling career before entering into movies. With her photo shoot album they went to few studios, and though she is beautiful, they rejected her for being deaf and dumb.

When looking for opportunities, she got her first crucial opportunity with Shambo Shiva Shambo. She never looked back from then.

She became a star in Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada film industry later.

Whatever and whoever you are, she proved hard work and passion can lead to success.


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