Shocking News You Don’t Know About Dil Raju

dil raju son photos

Dil Raju, the leading producer in Telugu Film Industry. His wife passed away due to the heart attack on March 11th in Apollo Hospital Hyderabad. If you notice clearly his, every movie proves how much Dil Raju loves his wife. In his films, we can see before the movie starts, Smt Anitha Presents Sri Venkateswara Creations banner appearing.
Dil Raju and Anitha has two children. We only see her daughter all the time in every special occasion in their family. According to the many news reports Dil Raju and Anitha has a son who died at the age of five years. This the saddest thing that can happen to a family. The man who makes family movies and entertains use with the good movie has faced worse phases in his life. Strength to Dil Raju garu during this terrible loss.

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