Some Tollywood Heroes are Addicted to Drugs

Some Tollywood heroes are addicted to drugs

In the recent raids on drug mafia in Hyderabad. Few Tollywood’s biggies have called for severe action against the celebrities in the film industry who are promoting drug culture.

In a meet held today, i.e.,., 12/7/2017 Movie Artistes’ Association, president Shivaji Raja, Meka Srikanth producers D Suresh Babu, Allu Aravind and few others participated in the meeting.

Allu Aravind said, “Rave party culture was limited to a few individuals within the confines of their homes in Mumbai.  It has not spread to Hyderabad.  I am talking about ten individuals in Tollywood who are doing this. They are bringing a bad name to the industry. They may think that nobody can catch them, but I am warning them that police are watching them.”

Aravind also said that a few young heroes are now addicted to drugs.  “The government is actively tracking the activities of these heroes.  It would be better if they stop it at the earliest,” he said.


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