This Interesting Logic Made Samantha Akkineni’s Daughter-In-Law?

What did Nagarjuna Akkineni like most in Samantha?

Nagarjuna has become a successful entrepreneur. He runs TV channel, hoteling business, and others businesses. He graduated in MBA from a foreign university.
Nagarjuna told us in many times interviews if Akhil or Chaitu bring their soul mate, Nagarjuna said he would get them married without thinking twice.

Samantha being a topper of economics in her college days. She is known for her good planning nature. The good planning helped her as a top heroine in film industry without background. Recently she hosted a birthday party of her in Hyderabad, where she did spend quite fewer money on it. She celebrated her birthday with good friends and Chay. Few are saying this might be one of the reasons for Samantha becoming the Akkineni Kodalu.

Few thing these ‘economics’ in Samantha’s mind have impressed Nagarjuna. Chay and Sam are getting married soon, while the engagement is done already.


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