Wedding Bells for Akkineni Akhil? Akhil Marriage Info

Akkineni Akhil wedding date

Akhil wedding bells

After Naga Chaitanya and Samantha marriage rumors. Now, Akkineni Akhil is talk of the town. The sources say that the marriage time for Akhil has come. The couple are said to be in love, but he doesn’t want to reveal her name. He confessed about his love to parents. If this marriage is on track the Akkineni will have two weddings lined up ( no official announcement yet ) this year. The speculations say that she is none other than Shriya Bhupal, good friend of Akhil and also fashion designer. If Akhil is getting married many cine fans will be shocked. Please note that these are rumors and speculations in Telugu Film industry. He is 22 years old , too young to get married is yet to take off. The Akkineni family is yet to respond on these rumors. Let’s wait for their announcement and get into conclusions. No wonder if Naga Chaitanya and Akhil  gets engaged at same time. Check the couple gallery below.

Akhil Engagement on 9th December 2016. She is grand daughter of GVK.

With just one month left for Akkineni Akhil’s relationship, engagement with his sweetheart Shriya Bhupal, Akkineni family is entirely involved in the engagement preparations.

This munificent huge fat service will take place at the GVK house, and the occasion will be graced by the film fraternity and family members.

A source close to Akkineni family said that the most hoped-for star destination wedding would be held in mid-May 23rd, 2017 in the special city Rome. On the other hand, the precise date is not yet been settled.

Then he’ll be the first Telugu hero if Akhil’s marriage will happen in Italy.

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Akkineni Akhil Marriage info



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