What Happened to Roopa Vaitla’s Jubilee Hills Case?

After the release of the movie “Bruce Lee.” The movie did not do well at the box office; it is learned that Srinu Vaitla lost his patience due to the disaster of the Bruce Lee and slapped his wife in between one of their discussion. Roopa Vaitla has not given clarity regarding the Jubilee Hills Case, she filed. At that time this news led to huge discussions in Telugu Film Industry about that the couple is ready getting divorced very sooner.

But after as days passed the hot news turned cool and the couple are happy now. Sreenu and Roopa are in a happy time, fights happen, but it is the reuniting that matter. Roopa  worked for Srinu Vaitla’s Mister movie as Fashion Designer. It is clear that she has said no to  Jubilee Hills Case. After Rambha’s couple now Vaitla couple story has happy conclusion.


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