What’s Happening With Shruti Hassan?

Shruti Hassan

Shruti Hassan came into the film industry with many ups and downs. She has faced many flops in early stages of the career. She has entered Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi film industry with a lot of passion and fire in her.

In the recent times, she started facing a couple of flops again in her career. It is also rumored that she is in a relationship with the London-based artist. She hasn’t confirmed anything yet regarding her relationship.

The actress who has done many glamor roles is not hesitant to do those roles. It is rumored that she is soon ready to get married and will give a break to her film career she hasn’t signed any movies after Shabhash Kundu. The most shocking thing is it is also rumored that she might quit movies. It is just a rumor, let us wait for Shruti to respond.


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