Anchor Suma Voice in Trouble?

Anchor Suma Voice in Trouble?

Anchor Suma Voice

The anchor every Telugu speaking respects her is in trouble. Suma, who is famous for her speaking loudly and keeps entertaining the crowd and TV viewers. The down to earth person is facing problems with her voice. She even faced the same kind of issue in the past, but she recovered it soon.

As per the reports from Flim Industry, doctors advised Suma to avoid shouting or speaking loudly for long periods of time. This may lead to permanent voice cracking which will be a disaster for everyone. She has yet to made an official statement about the problem.

The similar kind of problem happened with Singers Balasubhramanyam Garu and Susheela Garu. Balasubhramanyam returned strong whereas Susheela stopped singing and gave rest to her voice. It is Suma’s choice to continue the love for work or take rest and enjoy with her achievements and respect.

This might be the reason for selective about stage shows in the recent times.

We pray for a speedy recovery.

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