Dafabet Review

Dafabet is one of the oldest betting platforms across the globe. Founded in 2004, Dafabet wnet online in the same year & it’s been 17 years it one of the favourite & commonly used platforms among bettors & gamblers. Dafabet falls under the jurisdiction of the Philippines as their license is from the same country […]Read More

Movie News

Anchor Pradeep Machiraju Father Passes Away

Tollywood popular anchor and actor Pradeep Machiraju’s father Pandi Ranga took his last breath on Saturday. As per the reports, Pradeep’s father Pandu Ranga suffering from health issues for the last few days and passed away on May 1st. The latest news state that Pradeep father battled with Covid-19 and passed away at age of […]Read More


Top 5 Movies With Memorable Roulette Scenes

Movies with Unforgettable Roulette Scenes When you say casino, roulette is what crosses people’s minds first. It is arguably the most famous casino game, and numerous people play it globally. The game itself originates from the 18th century, and it spread all around the world from France. There are multiple reasons behind its popularity. The […]Read More