Best Female Anchors in Telugu, TV Stars

Best Female Anchors in Telugu, TV Stars

Best Female Anchors in Telugu

All of us enjoy watching programs on Television. We stick to TV’s for hours. We laugh, enjoy and gossip about the program. We must thank the anchors who keep us entertained in programs, audio launches and events. We took some time to list out the top and best Anchors in our Telugu. The craze for Anchors has been increasing day by day. Anchoring is not an easy job as we see on TV. We easily laugh at the jokes they make on Television. Once imagine their skills behind the spontaneous counters and dialogues. Yes, it is not easy we must appreciate their skills and respect them for what they are today.

Top Female Anchors in Telugu

The list starts with the lady who has been a role model to many Television aspirants.


Spontaneous Suma

Telugu Best Anchor SumaJhansi

Kind Hearted Jhansi

Jhansi anchoring goodAnasuya

Versatile Anasuya

anasuya telugu anchor Uday Bhanu

Old is Gold Uday Bhanu

Uday BhanuLasya

Tom and Jerry Lasya (Tom is missing)

Lasya Cute pic Syamala

Family Syamala

Syamala Beautiful imageShilpa Chakravarthy

Traditional Shilpa

Shilpa ChakravarthyGayatri Bhargavi

Entertainer Gayatri

Gayatri BhargaviNiharika

High Enthusiastic Niharika

Anchor NiharikaRashmi Gautam

Jabardhast Rashmi

Rashmi GautamSreemukhi

Innocent Sreemukhi


Shinning Manjusha

ManjushaAshwini Sharma

Taluku mana Ashwini

 Anchor Ashwini Sharma

Anchor Anitha

Probably 1st Anchor turned Actor.

Anchor Anitha

Colors Swathi 

Show changed her name

Colors Swathi


Jolly Jahnavi

jahnavi anchor

Anchor Anupama

Ever Anupama

 Anchor Anupama

Mrudula Iyengar

Soft Natured Mrudula

 Mrudula Iyengar

The list contains all reputed Anchors from the last few years. We might miss some of them. Please comment below if we missed any of the top Anchor names. We covered 18 Anchors from the early stages of Television. 🙂

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