Feel Good Telugu Movies List | Best Feel Good Tollywood Films List

Feel Good Telugu Movies List | Best Feel Good Tollywood Films List

Feel Good Telugu Movies

The movies mentioned here under are considered to be the best feel good ones by virtue of the characterization of the roles and their portrayal in the movies. All the actors in the movies showcased their talent to the ultimate level and each character is of equal importance in the movie. The scenario and the narration of the story is simply superb. These are the ever green movies which are worth watching irrespective of the age group.

Feel Good Tollywood Movies List

 Movie Name Starring
Mooga Manasulu  A. Nageswara rao,Savithri,Jamuna
Muthyala Muggu Sridhar,Sangeetha,Rao Gopalrao
Raktha Sambandham NTR,Savithri,Devika
Ramu NTR,Jamuna
Maya Bazar NTR,ANR,SVR,Savithri
Prem Nagar ANR,Vanisri
Seetha Koka Chilaka Karthik,Mucharla Aruna
Khushi Pavan Kalyan,Bhumika Chawla
Mallepoovu Shobhan Babu,Lakshmi,Jaya Sudha
Sagara Sangamam Kamala Hasan,Jaya Prada
Apadbandhavudu Chiranjeevi, Meenakshi Seshadri
Swathi Muthyam Kamal Hasan,Radhika

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Mooga Manasulu:

‘ Mooga Manasulu’ Is one of the best feel good movies.

Mooga Manasulu starring ANR, Savitri, Jamuna was released in 1964 which was directed by Adurthi Subba Rao. The movie is centered on hero and heroine and their platonic love .It is a beautiful love story and is based on the concept of reincarnation.  The pure love that a boatman, Gopi has towards the daughter of Zamindaar in a village is wonderfully portrayed by the director. Mainly the story revolves round three characters, a boatman, shepherd girl and a daughter of Zamindar. The boatman who carries the daughter of Zamindar, Radha to college on the other side of the river in his boat. He has a great respect and pure love on her and Radha also likes him purely. But their like towards each other is not exhibited through dialogues or any sort of body expressions. Audiences just feel a platonic love between them. The shepherd girl is in love with Gopi, the boatman. Radha gets married to Ramaraju who falls sick soon after their wedding happens.

As is destined, Ramaraju dies and Radha returns to her village. This unfortunate and unexpected happening gets Gopi disturbed. He tries to console Radha and make her mentally stable. To do so, he goes to Radha’s home now and often which results in misunderstanding  about their affection. The village people are made to misunderstand this love and affection as an illegal Relation..This makes Gopi depressed and he decides to leave the village. Radha follows in search of him. Out of wickedness, Rajendra spreads the rumor in the village that Gopi has eloped with Radha and he takes some of the village people and follow Gopi and Radha to kill them. Gowri offers to sacrifice her virginity to Rajendra under condition that he would not kill them. Both Gopi and Radha drown in the river due to the whirlpools.

Mooga Manasulu

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