Jabardasth Avinash Engagement Photos

Jabardasth Avinash Engagement Photos

Avinash is famous for his Comedy Timing and got good fame with the television show Jabardasth. He is also a Participant in Bigg Boss Season 4. Currently, he is participating in the program Comedy Stars. He got engaged with Anuja and shared the post on his social media account with the message ” ANUJA ❤️ AVINASH!
Engaged! 💕
When the right person enters your life.. there’s no much waiting 🙂
Our families met and we’ve met!
It was a simple yet intimate engagement. You all have asked me many times “Pelli epudu ani?”
Athi twaralo 🥰 Naa Anuja tho!
Epati lage mee blessings untai ani korukuntu..
Mee Mukku Avinash ❤️
Sorry.. Mee Anuja Avinash ☺️🥰

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Jabardasth Avinash Engagement Video below:

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