Nani and Arjun Genes Game is Strong, Cute Pic

Nani and Arjun Genes Game is Strong, Cute Pic

Nani and Anju was blessed with son Arjun on March 29, 2017. The couple did not reveal name or photos of the son for very long time. They maintained silent, Nani officially released his son pic first on his social media.

On the eve of Diwali, fans and movie lovers witness one of the cutest and best moment. Nani shared a collage of his childhood photo and Arjun’s photo. They both looked exactly same. The cute pic went viral after Nani posting it. Many called Arjun as Junior Nani.
Nani posted the pic with caption, ” Real life dual role from a different generation 😉”

Nani and Arjun same childhood pic

Later, in the comments section below there happened few funny moments too. Mahanati producer commented Swapna Dutt, Shut up :O so similar.. what is this anju(wife of nani)?
Nani wife replied The Yelvarthy’s lost the genes battle terribly.


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