Rajeev Kanakala and Suma Wedding Anniversary Special Pics

Anchor Suma Daughter pic

Rajeev Kanakala and Suma Photos

Rajiv Kanakala is a well-known Telugu actor. He started his career in television serials and short films. He got married to Suma Kanakala. In 2013, they started a new production house which produces TV serials. She is famous for her spontaneous humorous remarks during her shows. Rajiv Kankala acted in more than 50 movies. Whereas Suma has hosted more than 50+ audio launches and 15+ TV shows. She even acted in TV serials in mid 90’s. Truely

Truly one of the best couples in Telugu Fim Industry. We are lucky to be born in this generation to see their performances. We wish the couple more success.

Rajeev Kanakala and Suma Images


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