RRR Jr NTR Actress Olivia Morris Unknown Facts

Olivia is an actress who graduated from Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Olivia is also a drama teacher who works with children of a variety of ages. She began babysitting when she was little with her grandma and continued it locally when she got older. She has a passion for arts and crafts, theatre, TV, and films. Olivia is an extremely creative person, and always brings an element of it into her daily life.

Olivia did Art A-level at school and has always enjoyed creating things, children have such vivid imaginations and she believes that if you give a child a fun way to express themselves and they will jump at it, which is something she wants to provide the children she looks after.

Olivia’s role model is Katherine Hepburn. Olivia has been striving since graduating drama school to finding things to inspire her and those around her, she is eternally grateful for the people that allowed her to explore creativity and wishes to do the same for others.




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