Singer Sunitha Sensational Comments on Her Husband

Kiran( Sunitha Husband Name)

Singer Sunitha About her Husband

Singer Sunitha has spoken openly about her husband for the first time. She gave interview for Sakshi newspaper where she openly told about problems she is facing with her husband. This was the first time she cleared the fuss about the relationship between Kiran( Sunitha Husband Name) and her.

Sunitha About her Husband

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  1. Dear Mrs Sunitha garu…. Good Evening.

    Please…. Don’t worry, you type of persons so many in the society. I am also same to you. Now you have a sweet heart and voice. This world on power you.
    Yes it is fact.
    Any I am so much feel about you please

    Be ware.
    May God bless you.

    Thank you madam,

    Yours Faithfully.
    G Ramesh Babu. M. A Eco
    Cell No: 9492662923


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