Sneha Reddy is ‘PREGNANT’ with second child

We have seen Allu Arjun going vacation with wife Sneha and son Ayaan. Recently, he visited Turkey along with his wife. He is trying to spend most of the time with his wife. The reason behind it has now been revealed. The couple have two years son Allu Ayaan. Arjun and Sneha are going to be parents for their second kid. The below pic went viral Sneha Reddy posted on her instagram account. She added Could be #pink could be #blue .All we know is that we r #due #november 2016 . The baby is expected on November 2016. The Mega fans are super excited about the news. We will be posting more pics. Stay Tuned. Share the good news with all the film fans.

Sneha Baby Shower Function Pics


Check the stunning gallery of Sneha Reddy and Allu Arjun below.


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