This Song Is Haunting Melody Lovers

This Song Is Haunting Melody Lovers

Ninnu Kori album got all type of tunes for all kinds of music fans, a peppy one, a simple duet, a melody and rhythmic song.

Apparently, the song “Adiga Adiga” in the record is getting fast attention because of its good music, voice, and lyrics. While giving the speech in the pre-release, Gopi Sundar has not spoken anything about music but made a little humming ‘uhhuuu uhhhu huuu’ making audiences roar. And that song is that this Adiga Adiga lyrics by Srijo and sung by Sid Sriram. Only one time listen is creating many music lovers go flattered for this tune. In actuality, a touching essay combined with beautiful humming and thickness centric lyrics are making wonders for this tune.

Another day, we’ve witnessed the audio release of Nani’s most recent film “Ninnu Kori” that got songs composed by super talented Gopi Sundar. Guess what; this is the third coming of the composer for this hero because their duo earlier delivered musical hits like Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi and Majnu.

Listen to the song below:

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