Top 9 Wedding Songs in Telugu

Top 9 Wedding Songs in Telugu

Best Wedding Songs in Telugu

Everyone’s life wedding will be a day that is particular; it’s a wish come true. Here we’re presenting greatest wedding tunes in Telugu. Especially first dance with a partner we can sit like trendy, we must give our best. You should be aware of the principles of Telugu Marriages, so let’s like inside the Telugu marriages should you be living in Andhra. In Telugu scripture, so they may pursue their life wedding is meant to unite the bride and dress steadfastly. They take that union for long lasting. Isn’t it such a beautiful tradition, While the costumes of Hindu more fascinating and a wedding where bridegroom and the bride come to the site gives to stay loyal to each other and replicate the assurance in front of the Fire God called as Agni. Afterward, they take seven rounds jointly giving to seven wedding vows to each other. Here I’m posting Telugu wedding tunes that are the greatest list. The mantras are recited by Pujari, while the bride and bridegroom garland each other. The pujari makes sure to describe them the rites of the marriage. Especially most popular custom is. A necklace signifies happiness, the love, and camaraderie where bridegroom wears bride’s neck with mangal sutra. Subsequently, groom places kumkum on wife’s brow.

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Top Wedding Songs in Telugu

Srirasthu Shubamasthu

Alanatirama Chandrudu

Aha Na Pelli Anta

Aidu Rojula Pelli

Seetharamula Kalyanam Chothamu Rarandi

Sathamanam Bhavathi

Maate Mantramu

Pallakilo Pellikuthuru

Pelli Pustakam

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