Trisha Ex boy friend in relationship with Telugu actress?

Trisha Ex boy friend bindhu madhavi

As all of us know, some years back, Trisha was seen announcing her engagement with businessman and film producer Varun Manian which had to wind up after some months as a result of unknown problems, making big headlines.

The recent buzz is few pictures of Varun Manian and Bindu Madhavi doing the rounds on the internet. This indicates that Varun Manian and Bindu Madhavi are seeing each other but unconfirmed and other news site wrote they might tie the knot shortly. After making a splash with movies like ‘Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga’ ‘Kazhugu’ and some other movies Bindu Madhavi has stopped doing movies after ‘Jackson Durai.’

Meanwhile, there’s been few pictures making news on the web suggesting that Varun Manian and Bindu Madhavi are in a relationship that is serious.

Trisha Krishnan and Varun Manian were engaged and later canceled marriage due to the difference views.

There’s additionally a reliable rumor going around in K’town that the wedding will be walking down shortly.

Bindu Madhavi who uploaded the images of them holidaying on her Facebook page and was quick to delete these clicks.  The official announcement on this rumor has not yet been clarified yet.


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